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Slightly Off-topic: Shifting content out of Quora

Mike BarnardMike Barnard, Wind energy guru
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A couple of months ago I analyzed my historical views record on the Wind Energy material I consider important. At the time, I took comfort that it showed that 82% of views were from outside of Quora.

However, that has changed. Some of you will have seen this post from me  The Great Wall of Quora by Mike Barnard on Rage against Quora. In it, I point out the information-hiding issues that Quora is pushing upon us.  In reality, most of the links I have spread around the internet to my Quora content no longer work; people cannot read the material.  Quora prevents people from reading material on Quora when they find links on Google.  The tens of thousands of views my material has received in the past will not occur in the future.

Quora has indicated that they have listened and fixed the problem: Making Sharing Better by Marc Bodnick on The Quora Blog.  However, they have not fixed my problem or our problem but somebody else's problem.  Quora is still a walled garden and its reach is massively limited as a result.  Innumerable people we might wish to reach will not be reached.

As I said in my post, I am replicating my content in WordPress.  I will no longer link to Quora when I reference it, and if there is an open alternative to Quora for content, I will link to that first.  Quora is no longer as good a place for us to toil in Climate Change; it's a good sandbox for us to develop our ideas and communicate with each other, but it's become a bad place to communicate to the rest of the world. As a corollary, I will be spending significantly less time developing content in Quora.

For those interested, here are links to my new blog material.  Please feel free to re-post and distribute it.  If you have reason to refer to my material on wind energy, please refer people to my blog, not to Quora answers. If material is not yet on my blog and you wish to refer to it, please let me know and I'll prioritize moving it over.

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Mike Barnard
Mike Barnard
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